Cheng- Tech has become the gold partner of NXP


In December 2019, NXP officially upgraded its cooperation level with Shenzhen Cheng- Tech from a silver partner to a gold partner. So far, Shenzhen Cheng- Tech has become a gold partner with AEC qualification in radar field in China of NXP.

In 2019, Cheng- Tech has made a series of technological breakthroughs in the 77G radar products based on NXP scheme:

 · With benchmark of the top imported products, it has achieved excellent performance on distance range (more than 200m of vehicle detection and more than 100m of pedestrian detection) , and achieved high precision and high resolution, it can stably track up to 128 targets
 · The application of AEB based on Radar Only has been tested  in road for more than 300000 km. At present, it can realize zero false brake and zero false alarm within 100 km in complex multi scenes
 · With MIMO, super-resolution algorithm, and elevation measurement it can meet various applications of L0-L4
 · Fully automatic production with fish eye crimping and laser welding technology, smaller size, higher reliability and better cost
 · It is the first domestic radar that has passed the GB / T 33577 certification

Despite the strict audit standards and quality requirements of automobile manufacturers and industrial customers, the sales volume of radars with NXP solution of Cheng- Tech was top in China, and it is also expected to become the fastest growing brand in Asia Pacific in 2020.

As a gold partner of NXP, Cheng- Tech will work together with NXP to provide radar technology and products for customers around the world, so as to make the development of intelligent driving system more efficient and rapid, and make the application of millimeter wave radar more popular and comprehensive.