ETC Solution

The 77GHz ETC radar is developed with advanced signal processing data algorithm, it can effectively identify the vehicles and prevent missed and repeated picture-shooting; it is based on Zoom FFT and improves the accuracy of distance and speed measurement; it identifies the driving direction of vehicles automatically, effectively suppresses interference of short distance, multi-path and fixed facility; it can easily adapts to the harsh working environment such as light, dust, rain, snow and haze


Achieve L2.5 ADAS function (typical HWA function) though 5R1V system, which is composed of one 77GHz forward-looking medium/long range radar, two 79GHz, two 77GHz side-looking radars and one monocular vision

Through the high performance 77G blind-spot-detection radar the inherent defect that the vision sensor is greatly affected by the environment can be solved.

Security radar

RVASS100 Radar + Vision fusion security system

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