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Shenzhen Cheng- Tech Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the 2019 Gaogong intelligent automobile golden-ball award ceremony, with good market performance and sustained and stable performance growth, Cheng- Tech stood out from hundreds of brands and won the "best investment value company award of ICV" of 2019

It is the first domestic radar that passed the test and got the certification of 33577. It not only proves that Cheng-Tech’s 77G radar products can fully meet the mandatory regulatory requirements, but also marks that the domestic millimeter wave radar has made a key step forward on the road of localization of key components and sensors in truck market

In December 2019, NXP officially upgraded its cooperation level with Shenzhen Cheng- Tech from a silver partner to a gold partner. So far, Shenzhen Cheng- Tech has become a gold partner with AEC qualification in radar field in China of NXP

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