79GHz medium range side-looking radar

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· Extreme performance:0.2~120 meters for the detection range of vehicle
· Superwide FoV: horizontal FoV 120°
· Higher resolution: sparse array + DML super-resolution of angle, 4°horizontal angle resolution in the full FoV range 
· Small size: easy to integrate and install
· Powerful function: support L2 + applications such as TJA/HWA/ALC/APA, and all functions of traditional side-looking radar such as BSD
· Standardized interface: possible to be integrated with Huawei MDC and other domain controller systems
· Advanced features: support online diagnosis, OTA, self calibration, dynamic calibration and other functions
· Blind Spot Detection(BSD)
· Lane Change Assistant(LCA)
· Door Open Warning(DOW)
· Rear Cross Traffic Alert(RCTA)
· Front Cross Traffic Alert(FCTA)
· Rear Collision Warning(RCW)